Volunteer Leadership

Caddie Hospitality: Ric Wails & Judy Gregory
Driving Range: Mark & Libby Marley
Golf Cart Barn: Shari Kelly
Golf Channel: Shari Kelly
Gallery Ambassador: Mike Cashion
On Course Services: Matt Maberry & Cliff Decker
Pro-Am: Will Garner & Becker Sams
Pro-Am Caddies: Tyler Anderson & Parker Fowler
Security: Bob Morgan
Tablet/Laser Operators: Robert Dienelt & Jace Ponder
Sponsor Services: Georganna Keenum & Rebecca Cantrell
Standard Bearers: David & Lynn Britt
Volunteer Center: Vickie Lynn Adams
Walking Scorer: Tom Rice & Lane Jenkins

We sincerely appreciate all of the extra effort and dedication from our Chairmen, Hole Captains, and Organizations. If you are interested in becoming part of these exciting opportunities please email Kacie Lindsley kacie@sandersonfarmschampionship.com for more information.